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What's a Murgatroyd?

October 24, 2008

Well I have no idea, but it sure tastes good when it comes from Twisted Oak. I picked the 2004 Twisted Oak Murgatroyd to drink on one of the first truly "crisp" days around these parts. Even though the weather hasn't quite caught up yet, I'm feeling the red wine season pull pretty strongly these days. The wine arrived in a club shipment, and I think it cost around $20, but I can't be sure as this vintage appears to no longer be available. It had a real cork closure and clocked in at 14.2% alcohol by volume.

The color of this wine reminded me of squished blackberries. On the nose I found nutmeg, blueberry, vanilla, spice, herbs, mint, and other dark fruit. In the mouth I got cherries, red fruit, blueberries, vanilla, raspberries, spice, nutmeg, cinnamon, and plums. This was like drinking comfort food in a glass of wine. Definitely perfect for what I was looking for that night: A layered red, with nice complexity in the mouth, and big spicy fruit. YUMMY!

Overall, the wine was quite dark in the mouth, though the fruit seemed very tart. The wine showed smooth and is drinking really well right now. So if you've been hanging onto this bottle, I can easily recommend pulling it out and drinking it this fall/winter.


  1. boneygirl said...

    Well, my order to know what a Murgatroyd is, one might have to be as old as I to remember a certain cartoon character by the name of Deputy Dawg and his side-kick, Snagglepus. Snagglepus, when things got a little hairy in the cartoon world would often exclaim: "Heavens to Murgatroyd!" Beyond that...I've no idea what a Murgatroyd is either!!!

    10/26/08, 9:52 AM  

  2. Sonadora said...

    Hehe. I also read on the interwebs ;) that the Lion in the Wizard of Oz used that line!

    10/31/08, 6:38 PM  

  3. Glenn said...

    The Murgatroyd is a 50 liter bottle. It does not have to contain wine. It is named for William Bottomsley Murgatroyd, English glass engineer, who invented the bulge around the bottom of large bottles. The bulge helps the bottom of the bottle resist internal pressure and thermal shock. Until he came up with the idea it was not possible to build a bottle that large wight enough strength.

    1/24/09, 5:03 PM  

  4. 逆円助 said... This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    7/4/09, 5:02 AM  

  5. 精神年齢 said...


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