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On the Road to Jeriko

October 3, 2008

I picked the 2003 Jeriko Syrah as the wine for the evening. With cooler weather rolling, I am in the mood for the big red wines that I have ignored for going on 4-5 months now as I live in the hot humid swamp that is the greater DC area. I'm also getting excited to make casseroles and soups again, heavier fare to pair with my heavy reds. I purchased the Jeriko from WineQ for $25.99 (free shipping!), it clocked in at 14.3% alcohol by volume, and had a real cork closure.

On the nose I found aromas of boysenberries, chocolate plums (and yes, I mean that as one entry), blackberries, spice, leather, earth, vanilla, black cherry, and charred meat (As I write some of these descriptors, I realize that some of them might turn people off rom the wine. However, I swear to you that charred meat or grilled meat, or meat in general as an aroma in a Syrah is not uncommon or unwelcome!). The nose showed as quite fruity and perfumed.

In the mouth I got flavors of espresso, black cherry, blackberries, raisins, licorice, raspberries, and plums. The flavors were very fruity. I found the finish to be fairly tannic, so I would say this one has quite a few years left in it to develop. Overall, I loved this bottle of wine. It had so many complex flavors and just got better over the course of the evening. I can easily recommend this bottle!


  1. Marshall from said...

    Sounds awesome! Think it's club-worthy? Not sure if you knew this or not, but all Jeriko wines are made from organic grapes. 1WineDude said that organic wines suck, but (Sky Saddle included) I think we both would be inclined to disagree! :)

    10/4/08, 5:04 AM  

  2. Phiala said...

    This is great info to know.

    10/23/08, 2:51 PM  

  3. Minda said...

    Good post.

    10/27/08, 9:53 AM  

  4. Sonadora said...

    I think it is Marshall!

    Thanks phiala and minda!

    10/31/08, 7:03 PM  

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