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I've been a bad blogger

June 4, 2008
And I apologize profusely. I just now realized that I have not responded to comments since March 31. I could offer you every excuse in the book, but the truth is simply that I got busy and have of recent found it very hard to find the time to blog, let alone do anything else. I believe things have calmed down (at least I hope, as I sit here in Atlanta for work yet again, staring down the barrel of another potential few weeks here, then two weeks in St. Louis....) though I can't make any promises.

With nice weather springing up, we have refocused on house projects at the WannabeWino Casa, not to mention that spring brings weddings, reunions, bbqs, and other events that have seen me traveling frequently and not attending to my duties as a wine blogger.

Again, my apologies, and I will attempt to step up both the posting, responding to comments, and commenting on other blogs. Though, as usual, I am always reading, the darn firewall just prevents me from actually using my lunch time or breaks to visit and comment!

Thanks as always for reading and sticking with me.



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