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Showing off my Wine Rack

November 11, 2007
So I'm a day late and a dollar short to this party, but I did notice that Lenn of Lenndevours had asked all the wine bloggers to show off how and where we keep our wine. Sadly, technical difficulties (of the camera and allergy related variety) have kept me away from the blog for the past few days.

A little late, but I present our basement racks where our wine is stored, and the staging area at our basement door where wine sits for a few days after it has arrived as I catalog it and Matt decides where there is room for it in the basement!

We also have a small wine fridge, but have yet to unpack it after our move. I should get on that fairly soon!


  1. Dr. Debs said...

    Very, very nice. And amazingly organized. Those styrofoam jobs come in handy, don't they??

    11/11/07, 2:45 PM  

  2. Brian said...

    Megan, do you mind sharing your cataloging procedure?

    11/12/07, 6:47 PM  

  3. Sonadora said...

    Thanks Dr.Debs! They certainly do, at one point I had 5 or 6 of those set up down there...sadly, the summer took a toll on my collection.

    Brian-I catalog in two ways. One, I use Cellartracker so that I can load quick tasting notes to help others learn about the wine. Second, I maintain a spreadsheet that accounts for each of the racks. Each rack is labeled in the basement with a number , and each slot has a letter. That way, I'm able to go directly to the bottle I am looking for from my spreadsheet. Things got a little jostled in our move and I'm still sorting it out a bit again, but that's my general idea. Within my spreadsheet, I also record price, winery, when and where I got the bottle and a drinking window if I can find one!

    11/13/07, 9:18 PM  

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