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Between 2 Seas

November 6, 2007
The wine was a 2006 Chateau Bonnet Entre_Deux-Mers Bordeaux. I picked this up for $11.99 at the Harris Teeter at the last minute as Matt was cooking dinner and needed an inexpensive white wine to put in the sauce. A blend of Sauvignon Blanc 50%, Semillon 40%, and Muscadelle 10%, the wine had a screw cap and clocked in at 12% alcohol by volume.

On the nose I found lemon and other citrus. In the mouth more citrus and lemon. The wine was simple and refreshing, with a bit of a creamy mouthfeel. It was easy to drink, but there are better wines at this price point. Not something I would get again, but I wouldn't say no to it at a party.


  1. Jill said...

    wonder what you'll think of the Wise Classic White which is a Sauv Blanc/Semillon blend as well (albeit from Australia!)

    11/6/07, 12:02 PM  

  2. David McDuff said...

    Keep an eye out for the E-D-M from Chateau Turcaud. It's roughly the same price ($11-ish) and is pretty darn tasty. Just don't expect wines from this AOC to deliver much more than simple drinking pleasure. E-D-M producers often offer a Bordeaux Sec, at a slightly higher price point and with the likelihood of some barrel aging, which can deliver a bit more complexity and depth.

    11/6/07, 11:15 PM  

  3. John Witherspoon said...

    Hi Sonadora
    I actually had the red version of this Bordeaux last night. The Chateau Bonnet Reserve. It was quite good and I think pretty inexpensive from what I remember. I should have a reveiw farely soon.

    11/7/07, 10:38 AM  

  4. Sonadora said...

    Jill, have yet to try that one. Hoping to get to it next week barring no further nose issues! I liked this bottle, I just thought I've had better at the cost.

    David- Thanks for the suggestion, I will keep my eye out. I wasn't opposed to this wine, just thought the price tag was a bit high.

    John-I'll look for your review!

    11/8/07, 12:03 AM  

  5. RougeAndBlanc said...

    I agree with David M. about Chateau Turcaud, I have had this wine many times (but from earlier vintage like '01 and '02). Turcaud provide easy drinking pleasures consistently.

    11/8/07, 1:02 AM  

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