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Sorry for the Silence!

August 3, 2007
I had to go to New Orleans all week for a work conference and sadly there was no internet access. I had anticipated that there would be and thus didn't post a note about my absence. I will be back with regularly scheduled reviews as soon as possible!


  1. Orion Slayer said...

    Missed you. Hope you didn't have to work the whole time!

    8/5/07, 10:07 AM  

  2. winedeb said...

    I was wondering where you had gone!
    Hope you enjoyed New Orleans and maybe got to taste some new wines there, even though it was a business trip.

    8/5/07, 11:22 AM  

  3. Sonadora said...

    Worked a lot of the time Orion! I was teaching a course all week! But had a few minutes to spare to explore :)

    I did taste some wines winedeb, and a few good ones, but sadly I didn't really have the time to take any notes!

    8/6/07, 8:32 PM  

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