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It's our 1st Anniversary!

August 18, 2007

One year ago today, Matt and I were married! And today appears to have held out with beautiful weather for us to celebrate our anniversary. We are heading out to VA Wine Country to go tasting for the day, seems appropriate given we spent our honeymoon in Sonoma doing the same thing!

For dinner we will be drinking a bottle of wine we've saved for a year that was given to us by our server at the Lion's Den Bistro at Brutocao Cellars. We were the only guests that evening and he told us to pick our favorite bottle from the food and wine pairing and gave it to us to help celebrate. Nothing terribly fancy, but a special bottle nonetheless!

Happy Anniversary honey!


  1. MonkuWino said...

    Hi Sonadora,

    Normally I am lurking, just enjoying your wine posts but I thought I'd make an appearance today and say congratulations on your anniversary! May you and Matt have many, many more. And may you have many many more wine posts, too!

    8/18/07, 3:53 PM  

  2. Orion Slayer said...

    Congratulations! Some one year old wines are very good, but you don't get to appreciate how great most wines are until they've aged. Here's hoping you and your husband share many, many years of married life. Your family and close friends will be blessed I'm sure.

    8/18/07, 4:25 PM  

  3. Sonadora said...

    Thanks Monku and Orion! I appreciate the good thoughts. Come our more often Monku ;)

    8/18/07, 10:28 PM  

  4. Dr. Debs said...

    Congratulations to you and Matt, Sonadora. Hope the wine was good!

    8/19/07, 7:36 PM  

  5. farley said...

    Happy anniversary, a little late. Like you did recently, I'm trying to move, so I haven't been keeping up with my reading.

    Great pictures!

    8/21/07, 11:39 AM  

  6. el jefe said...

    no excuses - I'm just the late late El Jefe! Congrats on the Anniversary!

    (wow - dude is TALL! :)

    8/22/07, 4:03 AM  

  7. Sonadora said...

    Thanks for the well wishes Dr. Debs, Farley and El Jefe :) Jefe, he certainly is a tall one. He's got me by more than a foot and I'm 5'5"!

    8/23/07, 7:17 AM  

  8. Marshall from said...

    Congrats! Jefe shouldn't talk -- he's like 7 feet tall!

    8/25/07, 11:21 PM  

  9. winedeb said...

    Sorry I am a week late for the Congrats to you two. I am finally back home in Key West and able to stay on line for more than 5 minutes at a time. Computers!

    Hope you two had a wonderful 1st anniversary! Beautiful photos!

    8/26/07, 2:52 PM  

  10. Sonadora said...

    Thanks Marshall and Winedeb!!

    8/27/07, 8:57 PM  

  11. Erik said...

    Congratulations. Love is the most powerful force in all the universe.

    8/30/07, 3:36 AM  

  12. Sonadora said...

    Thanks Erik!

    9/3/07, 12:04 PM  

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