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Fruit of the Sea

July 22, 2007
Or "Mer" as the case is with this bottle. My French isn't fabulous, as in, not very good at all, but I do know that word...close enough to the Spanish "Mar," a language I speak well enough, for me to recognize it!

I bought this wine for $6.99 on my second trip ever to Total Wine. The wine is Cler' Blanc "Special Fruits de Mer" Vine de Table Francais. Besides that, it says "Sauvion-Le Cleray-Vallet L.A. France, was 11.5% alcohol by volume and had a plastic cork.

On the nose I found pear, melon, and lemon. It was a very light wine, with a bit of minerally undertone. In the mouth there were flavors of pear and peach with good minerality. Overall, the wine was crisp and dry, I would probably serve it as an apertif were I to get it again.

I served the wine with cedar-planked salmon, broccoli, and wild rice, but I prefer my previous recommendation of Pinot Noir with Salmon. The pairing just works better for me. Alas, as I know from personal experience, and confirmed by a recent Pinot Noir round-up over on Good Wine Under $20, the cost of Pinot Noir is certainly not making it's way into budget friendly territory any time soon.


  1. winedeb said...

    Salmon looks great, as usual! We did tuna and grouper on the grill this weekend. I went with a Dry Riesling for my tuna as I made a spicy salsa to accompany!

    7/23/07, 3:32 PM  

  2. Joe said...

    I agree with your assessment of Pinot and salmon, although I have a reflex grab for white wine with fish. As an alternative, I would consider an Alsatian white or a New World Chardonnay. The salmon does look great...

    7/23/07, 9:54 PM  

  3. Sonadora said...

    Sounds like a great match Winedeb! I'm loving the fresh salmon, though I expect the season for it will end soon.

    I usually grab a white for fish too Joe, but salmon just strikes me as a heavier fish, and I think the Pinot Noir does really well against it.

    7/24/07, 8:05 PM  

  4. Joe said...

    Yeah, salmon is a tough one for me - a very heavy white (New World Chard) or light red - I am never entirely pleased either way.

    7/25/07, 8:43 PM  

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