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Crowing about the Q Wines

July 23, 2007
This post marks my very last bottle from my last WineQ shipment. I now have to wait until Septemberish to order more my from Q, given the hot weather here. Any wine would fry in an instant traveling to our humid, heat-induced haze. Well, at least I closed the shipping season off with a bang!

Our last bottle of Q wine was a Croze Rose from the Suisun Valley, Napa, California. It weighs in at 13.75% alcohol by volume, cost us $13.99 (free shipping!) and I believe had a real cork closure.

This was an entirely Cabernet Sauvignon-based Rose, which I believe to be a new one for me! As I hope you can tell from the picture, the color of this wine was stunning and so pretty.

One the nose I found strawberries. I would also call the nose light and slightly sweet, with a distinctly fresh scent. In the mouth, the wine was fresh and lively with strawberries and watermelon. The wine was incredibly refreshing and perfect in out 100+ degree weather. I really enjoyed the way this wine played on the palate. Overall, it tasted a bit like a very light and fruity cabernet!

I served the wine with parmesan breadcrumb-baked tilapia, green beans and 4 cheese risotto. It was a great match for the risotto, easily cutting through the creamy flavors, and at the same time, did not overwhelm the light flavors of the tilapia. I would certainly put this wine in my Q again.


  1. brittany said...

    Hey Sonadora,

    I haven't introduced myself yet, but I'm Brittany and I work with Marshall over at WineQ! After reading your review, I'm thinking of ordering another bottle of the Croze Rose for myself and making some chilled cream of mushroom soup to go with it. That's what I first tried it with at a festival in Yountville, CA and it was amazing. Thanks for reminding me of how good it is!

    7/25/07, 6:23 PM  

  2. Sonadora said...

    Hi Brittany!

    Sorry it took me so long to respond, I've been out of town for a week. Thanks for leaving the comment! We loved the Croze over here and I look forward to the fall when I can order more! Nice to "meet" you.

    8/6/07, 8:24 PM  

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