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July 3, 2007
Matt's Uncle Bruce came over for dinner the other night and arrived bearing wine gifts, which are always greatly appreciated in out household! One bottle was the Veuve Clicquot Demi-Sec to help toast our new house. I popped it in the fridge and we enjoyed it together after dinner, though I imagine it would have gone quite well with the baked ham I made!

I know the same champagne was reviewed just the other day over on Huevos con Vino, I suggest you pop (pun intended) on over there and check out that review too, but that doesn't spare you from getting my opinion on the bottle as well!

The champagne had a traditional closure and was 12% alcohol by volume. Overall, the wine had a very fine bead, good acidity and bubbles in the mouth and was an excellent sweet champagne! Delicious, I would certainly get it again to celebrate an occassion.

I would describe the nose as displaying aromas of toast, toasted almonds and sweet honey. In the mouth it was quite sweet, but nicely balanced with honey, sweet almonds, green apples and flowers. An excellent way to toast the house and end our evening.


  1. huevosconvino said...

    Nice timing! I love this champagne...particularly with apple sorbet. But you were smart to drink your bottle with other people who could help share the joy. I definitely had too much of a good thing...*)

    7/5/07, 2:15 PM  

  2. Sonadora said...

    Ah, that too much of a good thing gets to me some nights too....the hazard of being a wine lover?


    7/5/07, 8:42 PM  

  3. Dr. Debs said...

    Nice gift. And this is one of those wines that I have on my list to try before I die! Sounds heavenly.

    7/6/07, 5:04 PM  

  4. Sonadora said...

    A very nice gift Dr.Debs. I would certainly say get to it before you die! Though unless it came as a gift, it wasn't one we were going to get around to anytime soon...pesky mortgage and all :)

    7/10/07, 3:34 PM  

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