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We bought a house!

February 11, 2007

Sorry, this has nothing to do with wine, but does explain my slower than normal posting and my lack of timely responses to everyone's comments. We are incredibly excited to have our own place and to be homeowners! We close April 30th and will be moving in over the month of May. So I expect that I will be back to normal with posting and responses for the next 2 months and then things will be a little hectic again. Not that I don't have things to post, I think I have a backlog of about 8 posts at this point!!!


  1. farley said...

    Good for you!! I can't wait to figure out my finances so I can get one as well. Give me your address through e-mail...I want to send you a housewarming bottle.

    2/11/07, 12:36 PM  

  2. Dr. Debs said...

    Congratulations to you both! Maybe a bottle of Roederer when you close??

    2/11/07, 12:57 PM  

  3. David said...

    congrats! when we closed on our first home, we celebrated with bagel sandwiches and lemonade in our new porch; having a good home is worth some sacrifice (and there's always nice people like Farley looking to send housewarming gifts!).

    2/11/07, 1:58 PM  

  4. Joe said...

    With that new space you definitely need to buy "How and Why to Build a Wine Cellar". Congrats!

    2/11/07, 4:07 PM  

  5. Dezel Quillen said...

    Congrats Sonadora! VineSpot is also looking, and just looking can be a part time job :)

    Since you have did your homework in the area, do you think prices will rise again sometime soon or remain balanced.

    Again, Congrats! Ready to start the Sonadora Cellar now I'm sure.

    2/11/07, 4:18 PM  

  6. Leah said...

    Congratulations - very exciting! :)

    2/11/07, 9:57 PM  

  7. Barrld said...

    Sonadora, Congratulations, great news. There are few things more satisfying then pulling up to a place that you call your own, though one of them is to hear one or more little voices scream "Daddy, Daddy!" when you walk in the door of that house. Best of luck, Barrld

    2/12/07, 5:08 PM  

  8. Sonadora said...

    Farley, Thanks! That's really sweet of you. I hope you get to start looking soon, it's fun, though time consuming!

    Dr. Debs- Perhaps! I shall have to see if I can locate one around here, I'm not so sure they actually ship to VA, as I know we had to self ship what we bought in CA!

    Cookingchat- That sounds about our price range after we close. I told Matt if he wants anything expensive he better get it in the next month or two before the mortgage kicks in!

    Joe-I think it might be a few years, though we do have a huge basement, so there's room!

    Dezel- So true! We looked at 37 houses! It took forever, but I'm really glad we spent the time to find one we loved. I think they will stay steady or drop just a bit in the coming few months, but start to take an uptick again in the spring. I've been watching the market here for about 2 years now, just waiting for the right time!

    Thanks Leah-We'll be having a huge housewarming in the spring, you should come!

    Barrld- We are really looking forward to it being "our" place. Though the munchkins are a while off...we did just get married 6 months ago...I'm sure that's a fantastic feeling though!

    2/12/07, 7:03 PM  

  9. Anonymous said...

    I always seem so late with my comments! You had better quit all your wine clubs now... but no worries, your housewarming gift wines will fill in the void! Count me in - and congrats!

    2/13/07, 12:17 AM  

  10. Sonadora said...

    Thanks for the congrats El Jefe! Wine gifts are always appreciated and well received in our house. And they don't last long!

    2/13/07, 8:16 PM  

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