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Press Credentials for Wine Tastings

January 3, 2008
Do you think a blogger like me would qualify for press credentials at a wine tasting event? I would love to attend the DC International Wine and Food Festival, but am unsure if I would be considered "press."

You can find the press policy here.

Anyone have any thoughts?


  1. John Witherspoon said...

    Hey Megan
    I have wondered the same thing on a couple of occasions. I will dig some more and see if I can find anything out.
    If we could, that would be really awesome!


    1/3/08, 7:18 PM  

  2. MonkuWino said...

    Sounds like you could.. how would they check on this anyway?

    1/3/08, 7:27 PM  

  3. ryptide said...

    I don't see any reason why you couldn't...

    1/3/08, 10:52 PM  

  4. David McDuff said...

    Howdy Megan,
    It would seem that you should qualify under bullet #4 on their policy page. In general, response to bloggers looking to gain entry at trade events is a pretty mixed bag. Some organizers welcome the opportunity for any and all publicity while others fear the possibility of bad press. Still others don't really understand the whole blogging thing and just suspect that we're looking for a free ride (and free drinks).

    One thing's for sure. It can't hurt to try.

    1/4/08, 1:02 AM  

  5. Sonadora said...

    Thanks everyone! John has written to ask, so hopefully he will get a good response!

    1/4/08, 10:51 AM  

  6. Jeff said...

    Yes, Megan, without question, I would think.

    And, if you do get question, just browbeat them with the fact that wine blogging is a rising tide that they obviously do not understand. Perhaps diversion and confusion would work in lieu of rationale thought.


    1/4/08, 2:50 PM  

  7. Carol said...

    I would imagine that you could get press credentials. I was sent a press pass for the Hudson Valley Food & Wine Festival in the fall, no questions asked.

    1/4/08, 4:42 PM  

  8. Chris said...

    I hope John get's a positive response, it would be nice to be able to go as press.

    1/6/08, 2:55 PM  

  9. Dale Cruse said...

    When you find out for sure, please create a new post and let us all know what you found out. Perhaps then some of us will be able to follow your lead!

    1/9/08, 8:58 PM  

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