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It's Raining Italian Reds

January 15, 2008
The wine for the evening was a 2005 Rosso Salento Promessa. It was a blend, 70% Negroamara and 30% Primitivo. I picked the bottle up at the Winery in Old Town Alexandria for $12.99 minus a 10% case discount. It clocked in at 13% alcohol by volume and had a real cork closure.

The nose of the wine smelled bitter, of coffee, licorice, cherry, leather, and earth. In the mouth I found bitter cherry, alongside fresh cherries, and an almost cranberry flavor. The wine was smooth, but had a nice tart element. It was a very dark wine.

I'm really enjoying the value I'm finding in native Italian varietals. For around $10, I feel like I got a lot of bang for my buck with this wine, and quite a complex bottle too. Very good value.


  1. john witherspoon said...

    well that is definitely better than cats and dogs. :)

    Again you have reminded me that I have not yet tried a wine that is whole or partly Negroamara. Sounds like a decent wine and good value.

    See ya

    1/15/08, 5:03 PM  

  2. Sonadora said...

    It is John! You should definitely keep your eye out for one.

    1/23/08, 10:21 PM  

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