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Celebrate Good Times Come On!

December 21, 2006

So we didn't save that second bottle of 1999 Roederer Brut L'Ermitage. We got some really great news today that had to be celebrated, and since it was Matt's good news, he picked the bottle. I am now on the hunt for more of these delicious babies as Roederer does not ship to Virginia. Sigh. They did tell me when we were visiting that they hoped to be able to ship to more states soon....but since August I've been checking their website and no dice yet. For the moment I will stare wistfully at this picture and imagine the bubbles that once were.


  1. Lara said...

    What a perfect way to end your night, with that good news! I love your blog and thanks for the suggestions!

    a.k.a. kandi

    12/22/06, 11:34 AM  

  2. farley said...

    Hope may be on the way. The winery where I work just got a permit for Virginia this week, so don't give up.

    12/23/06, 12:01 AM  

  3. Ryan Thompson said...

    Looks good ^_^ Is that an actual French champagne?

    9/8/07, 7:41 AM  

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