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A Pinot Grigio I like

July 22, 2008

The wine for the evening was a 2007 Albino Armani Pinot Grigio. I picked this wine up at Total Wine and More, even though it was more than my $10 limit when I'm there. However, I tasted it while there and figured I'd bring a bottle home. The bottle clocked in at 12.5% alcohol by volume, had a real cork closure, and cost me $18.

On the nose I found vanilla bean, lemon, pineapple, starfruit, and citrus. In the mouth I got citrus, lemon, and peach. There was also a hint a cream. The wine was light, lively, and had great structure.

I'm not normally a Pinot Grigio fan, I tend to find on the lower end of the price structure that they are fairly flabby and uninspiring. So I was thrilled to find this one, which, with an $18 price tag is still in the budget and delivers a lot of bang for the buck. I'd definitely get this one again.


  1. boneygirl said...

    Vanilla bean...surprising! This one does sound good. I know what you mean about some Pinot Grigio's...even if they are from Italy...the PGs that cost around $10 I've found to be overpowering with acidity. Glad you found one you like!!

    7/22/08, 8:34 AM  

  2. Sonadora said...

    I was surprised too! And actually, I was wrong, this one only cost me $16!

    7/27/08, 2:10 PM  

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