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Drylands Sauvignon Blanc

July 24, 2008

And on a recurring theme here at Wannabe Wino, the wine for the night was both a Sauvignon Blanc and part of one of my mixed cases for under $10 a bottle from Total Wine and More. Hey, gas is outrageous, food prices are increasing, something's gotta give, so I'm trying to stretch those wine dollars further! This particular bottle was a 2007 Drylands Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, it clocked in at 13% alcohol and had a screw cap closure.

On the nose I found cantaloupe, honeydew, green apple, gooseberries, and lime. In the mouth I got grapefruit, green apple, gooseberries, and almost a hint of green pepper. The wine was tart, crisp and delicious. It also had the racing acidity I look for in these wines. I drank it and thought, wow! This is the first Sauvignon Blanc this year that really hit the mark with me. Perfect for the horribly hot and humid weather and a great deal for the price.


  1. Claire said...

    I've enjoyed the Drylands Sauvignon Blanc in the past, but I haven't had the '07 yet. I know where they have it, so I'll have to pick some up pronto! There are few things better than a nice Sauvignon Blanc to bring a little joy to a miserably hot day.

    7/24/08, 8:11 AM  

  2. noble pig said...

    Hey I've been eyeing this at the store...thanks for the rec.

    7/25/08, 2:34 AM  

  3. Doug Shaver said...

    Hey, with gas prices as they are now there's no shame in wandering into Total Wine. I probably buy half there and half at local shops. Curious Grape and The Vineyard (up in McLean) are my favorites.

    7/25/08, 1:31 PM  

  4. Sonadora said...

    Claire, I agree. Sauvignon Blanc is one of my favorite things on a hot day!

    Definitely a good bargain Noble Pig!

    Doug, I like the Curious Grape too, but I also really like The Winery in Old Town...great small selection, lovely owner.

    7/27/08, 2:10 PM  

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